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Melting heart with faithfulness & determination
ChezJoy's Pick
A few clicks away to be enlightened
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We make flowers speak for you
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Melting heart with faithfulness & determination

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@, we do our best to buy small batch and local flowers, to make sure the flowers are freshest and lively.

@, our products are customer oriented. You tell us your budget, color preference, or any requirements, We create the order specifically for you.

@, We hear and feel your love, then create the bouquet with the same sentimental touch.

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ChezJoy Florist

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Mon - Fri   10am - 6pm
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Tel: 416-226-6635

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Bouquet was beautiful! Very pleased with the price and the service. Will order again


Chez Joy Florist goes above and beyond what other regular flower shops do by carefully wrapping the stem in wet paper clothes and foil, so that the flowers lasted all afternoon in the car (during the summer) without withering. They also included so many unique and creative flowers in their arrangement! It is this attention to detail and the quality of their flowers that compels me to write a review! I would definitely recommend anyone to give this flower shop a try!

Samuel H

The experience that Cassie provided was exceptional, helping us pick out the flowers we wanted for our wedding, she was receptive to our input and worked hard to put together an arrangement that matched up with our vision perfectly. Not to mention their bouquets are phenomenal, we were in awe with the constantly blooming arrangement we got from her as well!
We will be going to Chez Joy for any of our flower needs going forward!

Chris D

My first time ordering from Chez Florist and I had a great experience! The lady who took my order via phone was helpful and accommodating. The arrangements were reflective of the pictures on the website, the flowers were very fresh and the pick up process was easy and seamless. Would definitely go back next time!

Angie Han

I ordered my wedding flowers from Chez Joy (bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres) and they were beautiful. The flowers far exceeded our expectations and we received a lot of compliments.
I mainly worked with Cassie and she was prompt and helpful. I was very satisfied with her customer service. I would highly recommend Chez Joy and will continue to order flowers from them in the future.
Thank you for the wonderful flowers!

Julia Hur

Another happy family member who received a bouquet I ordered from Chez Joy. Thank you for putting a smile on someone's face that lives so far from me with your lovely floral choices on my behalf and your reliable delivery, Chez Joy.