Our flower arrangements are designed according to the Color Theme with the freshest available blooms. It is ranging from the creamy and lighter tone, to some brighter color add-ups, joyful color mix, the rich red mix, and all the way to those saturated jewel colors. Pick a theme, and trust our florist to do the magic mix.
white flowers, lily, rose, hydrangea
Elegant White
  • From $35.99
Lovely pastel flower arrangement in a glass vase, featuring pink and purple blooms, crafted by Chez Joy Florist for various occasions
Lovely Pastel
  • From $30.00
all cheerful colors flowers, rose, daisy, lily, carnation, etc all seasonal flowers to send cheers
Cheerful Bright
  • From $35.99
assorted joyful seasonal flowers, yellow daisy, orange Gerbera, pink carnations, sunflowers
Joyful Colors
  • From $35.99
Romantic Dazzle
  • From $35.99
hot pink roses, red roses, pink carnation, blue daisy, Gerbera daisy
Glamorous Jewels
  • From $35.99
fall theme flower bouquet
Colorful Autumn
  • From $35.99
sunflowers, orange color flowers
Thanksgiving Centerpiece
  • From $75.00
Elegant table centerpieces featuring pastel garden-style floral arrangements with white and blush pink roses, surrounded by lush greenery, beautifully decorating a wedding or event setting with neatly arranged tables and chairs.
Wedding/Event Table Centerpiece
  • From $75.00